How Do I Overclock my ltr-40125S in winxp?

since i cant really get into dos to flash my drive up to 48x is there any way i can do it?

also which firmware would i use to overclock? my drive is currently using ZS0G firmware.

any help is greatly appreciated. thank you

You CAN get into DOS, you just need a boot disc. There are a couple people circulating hacked Windows flashers, if you search here you will find them. but it’s not difficult to do DOS. If you don’t have a Win98 boot floppy, you can download a floppy. Try is for playstation bootdisks. and i would rather do a tried and true method than a hacked version circulating around. = Playstation disks = PC boot disks :wink:


This matter has been discussed a lot of times. I guess I even recall a poll, kind of like " what’s the best way of creating a bootdisk ". Simply make a search.

I myself usually make those in DOS using Boot Image.

But I tell you what, you can easily go this way :

Right-click on the Floppy icon -> Format
here you go, that’s all you need.
Well, of course, don’t forget to add the 2 neccessary for flashing files :bigsmile: And it works .

I quite recently flashed my drive again just for the sake of this way of formatting a diskette - to see if it worked :wink:


ok i flashed my drive up to 48x but now neroInCd wont work. any ideas?

Update InCD to the latest, but it may not work anyway. Not that it ever did. My own will only work with the previous version, but the system is so unstable with it installed that I got rid of it. If you have 3.31 already, try 3.29 or 3.24.

i am updating incd now…will let u know how it goes.

on a side note burning at 48x roolz. how do i check the disk for errors? in case there is any

edit: works fine now thank you very much!! sweet i got a 48x drive now!!! that burns at 48x!! :):slight_smile: ok i am really happy

Nero CDSpeed will check errors, use the “quality check” function. some use the newer “scandisc” feature, but I find it to be less reliable.