How do i Open Sony Vaio VGN FJ270

My CD/DVD drive is not working in Sony Vaio FJ270. Somebody please tell me how to open and replace the CD/DVD rom in my laptop

could you be a little more specific? not working in what way exactly?
does the tray open?
does it read cds/dvds? or does it read only dvds and not cds or vice versa?
or you mean the burn process fails with some error?
do you have alcohol 120% or daemon tools?
is the laptop still under warranty?
alot of Q’s i know but more info is needed

Thanks for your reply, Here is the situation,
My Laptop Ran out of warranty this april.
Yes i can open cd rom tray, seems like, system is not recognizing this CD rom Drive. In other words i don’t see CD rom Drive in system properties, my computer and bios. But yes if I press CD rom button it does open. It doesn’t show any CD rom drive icon in my computer. I don’t have alcohol 120% or daemon tool.
Please help me


did you update the bios or drives firmware before it happend?
assuming its a sony/liteon drive the ide location changer might come handy… get it @

Hi Thanks again
I am kind off confused. Now what kind of firmware update do i need ? I never did anykind of a bios update. Can u explain me how does this site is gonna help me ?

i didnt say you need to update the bios or the drives firmware,just asked if you did before it happend (before the drive went invisible in bios/windows),i guess not so seems the tool i suggested will not come handy after all , did you change any bios settings before it happend? if you didnt then i guess youll have to buy a new drive and have it replaced

great, so now we’re back to the beginning -_-
i actually have the same laptop, and almost the same problem
sometimes mine works, and sometimes it doesn’t :frowning:

i think u just have to take out all the screws under it, except for the hard drive cover and the ram cover. all of these screws have a => symbol. however, one of these are like •=> and it opens differently. unfortunately i don’t noe how to open this one, and it seems like theres a spring stopping it from coming out :frowning: