How do i open dvdflick?



So i’ve dowloaded dvd flick, i’ve extracted it to a folder on my desktop.
Now where is the dvdflick shortcut icon?
i can’t find it anywhere?.. i just wanted to run dvd flick to test how well it converts dvd’s but i can’t even open the thing? :sad:


I am using FAVC to convert avi to dvd but it is way to slow.
It takes about 1 & half to 2 hours to convert and burn a standars 700 mb video onto dvd(this is onmedium quality - it will take about three hours on high quality), i’m sorry but this is way to impractical.
Is DVDFlick any quicker?


You clicked on the big yellow button that says “Download DVD Flick”, yes?

This gets you an executable file. It should say dvdflick_setup_1.3.0.4.exe

Double click on this file and it will install. If you don’t change any of the default settings, it will put an icon on the desktop.


If you want a faster result from FAVC, use the Quenc encoder.

Otherwise, invest in ConvertXtoDVD, which I’m told, is a fairly fast program for conversion.


I downloaded and installed it ok, i have the WIN RAR ICON , i want the proper/ real program icon that i expected to get in the folderwhen i unzipped flick to a folder on my desktop.
The real program icon is’nt in the folder so how do i open the proper/real pogram?
This might seem like a stupid question but i am generally not good with computers…


Here is the page for the download:

When you click on the big yellow button that says Download DVD Flick you should get a message saying “Do you want to Run or Save this File”(in IE) Save the file. It will be an executable file.
In Firefox you only get the option to save the file.

Once you have the executable file on your computer you double click on it. It will install to the Programs folder. As a default it should put an icon on the desktop.

WinRar should not enter into this procedure.

The following picture shows the icon that should appear on the desktop.


If you do not get this icon, go to C:\Program Files\DVDFlick and look for the icon that I have shown in the previous post. Right click on the icon and hit Create Shortcut. This will make a copy of the executable file for DVDFlick. Now drag and drop this shortcut onto the desktop.


Yep, as Kerry pointed out above, when you downloaded the file “dvdflick_setup_1.3.0.4.exe”, you double-click it and install DVD Flick to your computer by following the prompts it gives you. It extracts & installs itself. At no point during the installation should you be using WinRAR to extract anything from the installer.


Ok, after following the link supplied by kerry i hit the " big yellow button " but this time the actual program dvd flick downloaded and installed with a desctop icon.
Can you please explai why in all my previous attempts to download dvd flick i downloaded a shitty WINRARunzipped dvd flick version not the actual program?
Can you please tell me how to aviod these win rar files in future because they are anoying?.
It’s little technicalities and anoying problems like this that drive me mad and make me wan’t to just give up as they waste so much of my time!


You probably clicked on the source code files link at the bottom of the page. DVDFlick is open source, so you can modify the program to suit your own needs if you have the programming skills to do so.


Ah right ok, but when i downloaded favc this also came in a winrar that needed to be unzipped? did i click the wrong download here as well? or is this one meant to come in a rar?


See if you can do this, right click on the WinRAR file & if it gives you options, Extract Here & tell us what happens.