How do I open a BD-Rom Disk?

:confused: O.Kay all you techies out there, I am stuck on s-t-u-p-i-d and cannot for some reason get a disk to open on my HP Pavilion Laptop which specifically says is compatible to Blu Ray. I am assuming that BD stands for blu Ray and does this mean it has to be a Blu Ray disk only? HELP…

First of all, you should confirm that your laptop drive is capable of reading Blu ray disks. This should be easy to do. Download ImgBurn, a free burning program found here: Once installed, click on Discovery. It should show there is a BD drive. To get more information about the drive click on Tools–>Drive–>Capabilities, which will show the complete list of read and write options for the drive.

If it is a Blu ray drive, you should be able to place a BD-Rom disk in the drive,[B] right [/B]click on the icon of the drive in My Computer (or just Computer, depending on which operating system you’re using). You should see the option to open the disk, or explore the disk if using XP. You can then view the contents of the disk.

To actually play a commercial Blu ray movie, you’ll need software specifically designed for that. PowerDVD, WinDVD, and Arcsoft Total Media Theater are three commercial programs that can do this, assuming that your laptop is HDCP compliant.

You can also use a free program called Media Player Classic HomeCinema to view the main m2ts file within the Streams folder of a blu ray movie.