How do I normalize WAV files from HD to CD?

I´ve got WAV files on the hard drive…recordings of students and teachers.
I wanna burn them to CD, but they are all very different volume levels.

I can´t find out how to do this in EAC or Audacity…
I think WMP-11 can do it…but everyone seems to warn against using this.

Suggestions anyone?

Nero has a Normalize option you can check before burning I believe.

In Audacity, the batch function is called Chains (under the File drop-down menu). You can add a “Normalize” Chain with “Edit Chains” and then add your wav files for batch processing in “Apply Chain” (make a back-up of the wavs first!).

If you don’t want to mess up with another installation, there is a “Portable” version of Audacity, that is anyway a free and very good software :iagree:

A “portable” software doesn’t need any installation: simply extract the zip file on any folder (also an USB pendrive is good) and it’s ready to work.

Take a look here :slight_smile:

Ok…I´ll check out the batch mode for “normalizing” Audacity (we use it to make the recordings already)…and report back.

As for Nero, I wanted to avoid the school having to buy it just for this function.

And WMP 11…why is it so much more evil than its predecessors?


There is a non-install ZIP file available from the Audacity project also :cool:


Still no luck

Can´t import multiple tracks into Audacity or EAC.

What am I missing?

Trying to avoid this option because the school works with multiple free-lance and contract teachers, and many use their own computers to do this stuff. By not forcing them to buy extra software I´m hoping to make it easier for them to comply with a school “standardised” system.

This option doesn´t appear on the Audacity I have…I´ve also searched Audacity forums and found no mention of this issue.

Even Google, so far, has only turned up “pay for” software as well.

I´m stumped, but surely it can´t be that hard. :confused:

Easy way: Use the “Normalize” function in Audacity. I’m using
Audacity 1.2.6 under Linux.

Even easier way:
Use “normalize-audio” from the command line. The
-b (batch) option allows you to normalize levels across
multiple wav files.

I haven’t tried the Windows versions myself, but both programs are also
available for Windows.

Yup, sorry dean, it seems you need to download the 1.3.3 Beta to get the batch function (of course you can normalize them individually too like skelton says, but if it’s a lot of files you’ll like the new “chains” option). You’ll find it self-explanatory, but I made some screenshots anyway. Maybe someone else can help with EAC as I’m not using it. Long time ago, I also used the WAVnormalizer a simple freeware tool for Windows.

Just use Burrrn to write the WAVs to disc and enable ‘ReplayGain’ under ‘Pre-processing’. You can change the target dB level under ‘Settings >> ReplayGain’ and choose between various noiseshaped dither algorithms and between using a -6dB hard-limiter instead of the default peak-based clipping prevention. Burrrn applies the gain by running WaveGain.exe on the (decoded)WAVs to adjust the average loudness based on 2Bdecided’s ReplayGain proposal, before they are written to disc with cdrdao.exe.

Sounds promising (excuse the pun…must be spending too much time in the Living Room threads!)

I should be able to check this again tomorrow at work…thanks for the tips. :clap: