How do I multiregion with DVD Decrypter?

I have been using DVD Decrypter for a while now and I have burnt lots of DVD’s with the help of Pinnacle Instant Copy. But I can’t patch R1 discs to make them multiregion. I clicked on the ‘Region Free’ option, which then prompted me to look for the image to patch. It said ‘Patched Successfully’ when I double clicked on the movie, but it still wouldn’t play in my R2 DVD player once I burnt it to a blank DVD. Any ideas???

Depending on how you rip, do you have these options checked? What RCE Protection Range number do you have selected on the Settings/General Tab?

>The RCE protection Range is at 1. What should I have it at?

The RCE on the disc

>I was using an old version of DVD Decrypter, but I have now
>downloaded and installed the latest version.

This will probably help!

Garybrown02, mate, please stop sending me PMs. Make a post

>So if I’m decrypting a R5 disc should I have the RCE protection
>range set at 5?