How do I move Nero to a new computer?

I’ve been using Nero

I got a new computer that has something called Nero 7 Essentials installed on it. It was bundled with the hardware so I’m guessing it’s an OEM/demo/limited version of Nero.

I thought I would install my old Nero on the new computer, since I’ve had good results with that version.

How do I install/move Nero to the new PC? I’m sure I’ve still got all of the executable files (downloaded updates to my original version of Nero 6) for a fresh install, but I don’t know which of my old files to move so I have my log files and compilation files (and anything else relevant), although I’m not sure I really need them.

And do I need to uninstall Nero 7 Essentials before installing version 6?


My suggestion is to download the removal tool from nero website, then remove nero 7 from the new computer.

Then install again the nero 6, register it with your purchased license, and finally install the updates.

The Nero " Clean Tool " that Geno888 refers to can be downloaded from Here

Thanks. Even after using the clean tool, there was a Nero 7 folder with a couple of log files and two .dll files. Can I just delete those?

I installed Nero 6 from scratch as recommended and ran the updates, so I think I’m all set now.

I think that the residual nero7 folder can be deleted safely :slight_smile: