How do I mount multi-disc games in virtual clonedrive?

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I’ve been doing a lot of reading and think I understand how virtual clonedrive works. What I would like to know is how to mount a multi-disc game such as Battlefield’42.

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DOH :o

My bad. I realized that I don’t need to worry about multi-disc games. Once the game has been installed on the hard drive, I only need to make a copy of the disc need to play the game. For example…MoHAA has two install discs. Once installation is complete, a CloneCD copy of disc 1(the one need for playing) is mounted in the virtual drive.

You can as well mount multiple Images in multiple Virtual CloneDrives. You can specify up to 8 Virtual Drives in CloneCD Tray.

8 drives you say. :smiley:
I think I’m gonna need a new harddrive. :bow: