How do I Modify my compilation settings?

I have been attempting to burn close to 1,500 photographs which were in a number of sub folders in one main folder to a DVD and found that I had to open each of the folders in order to get them into the Nero system. Eventually they burnt to the DVD but in a video format that does not show the individual files or names that the individual photographs or files were saved in so thats not a lot of good.
I then attempted to burn the Image.nrg file that I created earlyer and the disc ejected and a box came up saying,
“DVD RW DW-D22A: Waiting for disc on the top and, “Sorry, your compilation cannot be written on this kind of disc. Please insert a disc of the correct type or modify the settings of your compilation to make it compatible with the current disc.”
I use DVD+R discs because that is the format that my DVD recorder/player is set to and I have been attempting to learn how to move VHS content and edit it before moving it to DVDs so that they can be watched on the TV.
How do I modify the settings of my compilation ?

Not sure why you’re getting that message from Nero. How large is the .nrg file that you were trying to burn? Will it actually fit onto a single layer dvdr?

If it will fit a single layer disk, you could also try burning with ImgBurn. I don’t believe .nrg files are automatically associated with ImgBurn, but it should be able to handle it.

I opened properties on the .nrg file and it showed the .nrg file as being 1.46 MB (1,536,156 bytes)
I can not understand why the .nrg file should not fit onto a single layer disc because the original content that it came from did when it burnt to the DVD in a video format that shows as 227 MB (238,338,048 bytes)
Pherhaps it would be easyer for me to ask the following question:
I have close to 1,500 photographs that were in different folders and I opened them up and pasted them into one folder which I want to put onto a DVD. Try as hard as I can I can not make it work so I assume that I am doing something wrong. Could you please point me in the right direction where I can start from the begining?

You can burn .nrg files and .iso files with Nero CD-DVD Speed. Just check the Burn Image box on the Create tab and hit start. Then you will have to point it to the .nrg file.

I tried to make Nero CD-DVD Speed thing run but could not but anyway, why should I need that when I have Nero 6 anyway. So, could anyone please point me in the right direction where I can burn those photographs/files starting from the begining?

It shouldn’t be that complicated, really. Are you by any chance using Nero StartSmart, rather than just going to Nero Burning ROM via the ‘Start’ -> ‘Programs’ -> ‘Nero’ -> ‘Nero Burning ROM’…

If you do it this latter way then you just have to drag and drop the files from your hard drive onto the Nero burning window on the left-hand side of the screen. As long as you set the destination burner to your DVD writer (rather than the default ‘Nero Image Recorder’) then there shouldn’t be a problem in getting these pictures burned direct to DVD.

I am indeed using Nero StartSmart but I will now have a go ast Nero Burning ROM via the ‘Start’ -> ‘Programs’ -> ‘Nero’ -> ‘Nero Burning ROM’…

Right, I have cracked it now all I have to do is to remember how so I will d=have a go at doing it again and writing it down. Thanks all.