How do i make windows auto logon?

How do i make it so when i turn on the pc and leave it it will just log straight into windows and start up everything it should.
Really i want it to not come up with the screen where you enter your password i just want it to say welcome and then log you in automatically.

I need it the way it was when i first installed windows.

To prevent the logon screen when starting the computer:

Start => run
enter into the box: control userpasswords2
unclick the box requiring a password

Get TweakUI from Microsoft. It handles this & many other little things you might want to do.

User accounts in control panel.

Hey jason… I don’t recommend doing this. If you do, your openning yourself up to hackers and unwanted fingersgetting access to your files. I highly suggest you use a password to avoid this from happenning I.M.O.


Like Bjproc says go to User Accounts in Control Panel>Change the way users log on or off and uncheck Use fast user switching> Reboot. When you install Microsoft Net Framework for some reason the logon screen comes up again so that is how to disable it again. Like Sportfish says you will have no password screen, it will go directly to windows. HTH.:slight_smile:

Thanks for the info and also how do i make the internet auto connect at start up without me having to do anything?
I know you get the option of connect automatically but that doesnt work.
Any other ways?

If you’re using a RAS / PPPOE connection for Internet, and wish to automatically connect to your ISP at startup, you may use Rasdial.exe utility, built-in with Windows XP.

Usage: Open a Command Prompt window and type:

Rasdial <connectoid name> “username” “password” (beware! it’s in clear-text)

Example: Rasdial <DishNet> “Roberts” “Roberts000”

This would initiate a dial-up/PPPoE connection to your ISP. You can create a batch file with the above parameters and place it in your Startup folder, so that XP dials to your ISP automatically at every startup. If you don’t prefer to enter the password in the batch file, use the following command-line (XP will prompt you for a password - secure)

Rasdial <connectoid name> “username” *

NOTE: Type Rasdial.exe /? in the Command Prompt to learn more about this command, it’s other parameters.

Hm… I thought with auto logon, a password is a must. A user without a password cannot make autologon, I hope I’m correct. Jason, I would suggest to make a strong password consists of uppercase and numbers, at least 8 characters.