How Do I Make Timer On 5104 Work?

After three weeks I have given up on the timer on my new 5104 - all I wanted was it to record one half hour evey day while at work = PBS program - I do have satellite t.v. - It records great if I am sitting here and want to record what I am seeing but even at that when I went to the store and set the timer for just the time of the show - it kept right on going - - I know I have to use Channel 3 for all viewing - there must be something major I am missing folks - HELP - 4angel[B]AT[/B]olg[B]DOT[/B]com[/email] -

@Cheerios2 - What timer did you use when recording the program you were watching when you wnt to the store? The OTR button or the system timer? The OTR button will give a half hour of recording time for every time you push the button. The system timer only works when the LiteOn is off and powered on and off by the timer for the times it is set for. My 5005 timer works.

I tried to many things - however I have found that if I set my timer on my t.v. to come on the same time and make sure it is set on the same channel that I want the recorder to record - it did work - I set the recorder on Channel 3 and
set the television/satellite on channel 3 - and used the remote to make sure it was set on Channel 22, which is the MPT station I wanted. I feel there should be a better way - but as long as I get to watch this show - it is ok for now.

I did note that when I went to erase a few bad tries on the thumbnail screen - that it came up unidentified disc - something to do I guess with the finalization - so not going to touch that - but does it automatically record over if I do not finalize -