How do I make those multi-software cd's?

When I install a program, I see that it sometimes never reaches the full 700mb. I have seen a few cd’s out there where it utilizes the whole 700mb by putting software add-ons.

If I have the software, how can I make an .iso file where I can install more than 1 program?!?!

anyone know what I’m talking about… cuz I dont know if im explaining myself right. :confused:

The easiest way wwould be to use a program like Ultra ISO which can take any group of files you want then create a ISO out of them.

yeah but when I pop up these cd’s, they EVEN have a nice start up screen… kinda like a windows xp cd and a few norton cd’s i have.

CD Menu Builder (CDMB)

(hope the link works…if not, google search for the above-mentioned terms and you should able to find it)