How do I make this with my own mp3 files?

Hi everybody. I own a punk band. We´ve made a website to promote us (and also everyone has one now, so…).
I´ve noticed that sometimes, when I play an mp3 file, my web browser opens and shows me an url. This only happened to me 2 or 3 times. Im sure it was something in the mp3 file, because everytime I played the song in winamp, my browser opened the same url.
I thought that then, It would be a cool idea to do the same thing with my bands mp3 files that are available in our site, to promote it.

Does anybody know how to insert this special feature in an mp3 file?

Thanks! :iagree:

This normally functions with a MP3 equal as with a WAV file, as if “bgsound” and/or “embed”, presupposed the appropriate Mulimedia attitudes of the Browsers are activated and (depending upon Browser) also the necessary software (Quicktime, RealPlayer…) were installed.

But (nocomment to punk xD) i wouldn’t integrate a mp3 into a website, because MP3s much too largely and retard the side structure not insignificantly

well, Im not going to add our whole disk, only 2 or 3 mp3 files available in the site, and then I will try to share the rest of the disk in p2p. But How can I do to do what I want?
check our site

www - dot - pandatweak - dot -

I would recommend to integrate this mp3s in a “media” section, every bigger band does it, for guides how to include mp3 into a site, use google :wink:

but I want to make my own mp3 files open a web browser every time someone wants to listen to them.

why dont you make the mp3s into a flash document, then make flash media player contolls, it should also (dont know if you want this or not) make it harder for them to burn the files (particuly if your protect the .swf files first).

ben :slight_smile:

ps. i dont think there is a way to make the mp3 files allways load up in interent explorer.

pps. the sitelooks very professional at the moment, did you make it? :slight_smile:

well, i dont mind if people burn our music into cds. We are not a very pro band (yet)
We just play for fun, and would like to spread our mp3 to other continents, and also our website
I thought that doing that would be a good idea. Im sure I saw that. Everytime I played and mp3, the same website appeared. I just deleted those mp3 now. I will have to find them again
yeap, a friend and I did that website. Simple, but nice i think
thanks for your comments about it