How Do I Make the DVD Index Files?

I already have my Mpeg-2 video files. Does anybody know how to make a minimal set of .IFO and .BUP files, to properly index these mpeg videos, and then just rename them to .VOB and burn all this onto a DVD R, so that it can run in a player?

Let’s NOT re-encode all this existing video!

  1. It takes forever to do.
  2. You risk losing quality in the process.

I just want to know the ‘secrets’ of these index files, and am looking for some tools to help me generate the other stuff needed to make a playable DVD.

if your video and audio are dvd compatible you should be able to use TMPGEnc DVD Author

There is a load of DVD Authoring software out there. If you want simple, DVDMaestro can’t be beat. It’s also quite versatile.


DVDLab is another authoring tool (no re-encoding etc, just authoring) that will allow the direct loading of your MPG file (assuming its DVD compliant) and when you author it, you end up with a set of VOB, IFO and BUP files ready to burn.