How do I make sure my OC'ed system is stable?

What is the best way to make sure my system is stable after I OC the CPU? Do I just run Prime 95 for 24 hours?

I over clocked my i7 920 to 3.5Ghz on 1.2 volts so far it seems to be running fine, I am running Prime 95 right now so far no errors only about 10 minutes in so far though. Is there any other program I should run also?

24 hours might be a little extreme, but if you want you can do that. I think 2-4hrs might be enough though. Another program to run at the same time is Coretemp, to monitor how hot the cpu gets.

occt is my preferred program these days for stability checking, lots of different test options and multicore optimized :slight_smile:

thanks for the tips ran prime 95 for 8 hours peeked at 76c had core temp running the whole time gonna run occt tomorrow morning