How do i make my xbox 360 read backup games?

i would like to know how 2 backup 360 games and what do i hafta do 2 the xbox so it will read the backup’s…

do i need a special chip and if so where do i get it???

please help me!!!:o:o:o

Check the sticky thread “How Do You Backup XBOX 360 Games” go to the last few pages for newer info. There’s also some post the NBR has replied to that has some very useful info in regarding flashing your 360 to be able to read your backups.

to put it simply… if you want to make backup copies of your ORIGINAL XBox360 game discs… buy a Kreon drive (which goes into your PC) on ebay.

and use this program here with it…

that’s basically the ‘easiest’ way to copy original game discs.