How do I make my liteon region free?

hello everyone, I am looking for info on making my liteon ltr163d dvd drive region free…I have the patch that I need but I am unsure about going ahead…mainly because I cant find any instructions on doing it. Does it over-write the original firmware? or run with it? or is it a OS patch that doesnt write to the drive at all?..if it is a firmware upgrade , can I still flash to any future firmware upgrades from liteon? sorry for so many questions at once but dont want to risk flashing it then regret it later!!! cheers chaps!

Check this thread, especially the reply and signature of Mango

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I have flashed with the 1211 firmware to make my drive region free but when I booted into windows it states on my properties for my ltd163d firmware GHR3 changes left 1 ???.. I have lost all the options to change the region (from 4 times down to 1) without ever changing it!!! and its still not region free acording to windows but cdvdinfo says its not locked and if I click on another region on the list (usa for example) it says it will be the last change and my drive will be locked in that regional setting…so who is right? cdvdinfo or windows?..the firmware is listed as GHR3 everywhere and trying to flash using the original firmware confirms this by stating GHR3 firmware already up to date…anyone have any ideas???

Though I helped davros privately with this confusion, I thought it might help others too and I added a page about it in my site.

You can access it directly from here:

or via the link in my signature.

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