How do I make my Benq DW1640 Region Free?

I am just wondering, I got a Benq DW1640 drive some months ago, and I am VERY satisfied right now until I saw a protected DVD that ask me to change my region. It says I have only 5 Region changes left.
Now, How do I make my Benq DW1640 Region Free??
If I make my drive region free, does that mean I do not need to change region EVER AGAIN even when I encounter some region locked DVD?? How does it work?? I mean, or does region free firmware means I can do region change unlimited number of times???

I have gone to the dangerous brother’s homepage and saw the modified firmware there, but I am confused, what’s “BSGB”, “BSHB”, “GSHB”, “BSJB”, “BSKB”, “BSLB”, “BSMB”, and “BSOB” ??? Which one is the best to use??

BSOB is the most recent. To find out more about region free try this link.

AnyDVD would be a start.

So can anyone explain these acrynom to me? “BSGB”, “BSHB”, “GSHB”, “BSJB”, “BSKB”, “BSLB”, “BSMB”, and “BSOB” ???

Different firmware versions. As far as we know, they don’t stand for anything. For each each BenQ drive, the third letter is the only one that changes. So G is the first version, then H, then J, all the way up to O, the newest.