How do i make it see my drive?

i’ve just installed using trial key… just to see how it works…
but i can’t make it see my drive :frowning:

what kernel options are needed by Nero Linux?
i just couldn’t find any documentation :frowning:

i’ve tried to load ide-scsi … nero loads … then says that
ide-scsi is deprecated (yeah… i know) and i still can’t do anything invoving my drive :slight_smile:

i have

You have a complete manual in /usr/share/doc/nero. For your specific case, just use the ide-cdrom driver and make sure you have write access on /dev/hdb.

That should solve your problem.

well, i am, obviously, using ide-cdrom …
and nero doesn’t list my recorder…

cat /proc/ide/drivers
ide-disk version 1.18
ide-cdrom version 4.61

uname -r

ls -la /dev/hda 
brw-rw---- 1 root cdrom 3, 0 Jul  1 10:09 /dev/hda

(and i'm a member of cdrom group)

I must say I am really astonished by this one.
Could you give us more details about your installation ? like for example the kernel version you are using, or the distribution…

i’ve already did :slight_smile:
uname -r
so …
2.6.21 kernel (with gentoo patchset)
and my distribution is Gentoo

though i can’t test anything from now as trial key ended :slight_smile:

You are using a 2.6.21 kernel and still accessing your IDE devices over /dev/hdxx ? I have on my machine a with the following:

# CONFIG_IDE is not set
CONFIG_ATA_xxx=y (where xxx is your IDE chipset).

This allows me to get access to all my IDE drives as if they were good old SCSI ones. In such a case, Nero Linux access them over /dev/sgXX (and not /dev/scdXX).
Maybe this would explain why you do not have a complete access on your devices…

My (only pata device) dvd drive is on /dev/hda too. Afaik older scsi emulation is obsolete and the newer libata pata support is still somewhat experimental. I don’t have any problems with nero in this regard so that problem is probably not related to /dev interface.