How do I make home movies into playable DVD's?

Hi all,

(Sorry if this is question that’s already been covered. I tried searching the forums, but got a “page cannot be found” error. And didn’t see anything in my scan.)

Back in high school about 6 years ago I made a movie and edited it with adobe premier. A few people have recently asked me for copies. Origenaly I put the movie back on miniDV and then hocked that up the school’s equipment to make a few VHS tapes.

I have the old files I used to cut and edit the movie, and also the final cut, on an old hard drive. I was able to back them up using info found on this forum, which was great. Many thanks to the community for that help.

Now I want to somehow put the final cut of the movie, which is in one large .avi file, onto a DVD in a format that can be played on other peoples regular dvd players, just like a store bought dvd movie.

I downloaded a trial version of Nero, and I have some 4.7 16X Memorex DVD+Rs and my laptop has a DVD R/RW drive. Anything else I need?

Hope somebody can tell me what to do.

Thanks so for your help in advance,

Geoff P

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I use WinAVI to go from Avi to DVD vob files. Works great for me.

i suggest youll use convertxtodvd or dvd santa

I know the trials of both WinAVI and ConvertxToDVD have a watermark on them. I was trying them both out last week.

i’m not sure if the trial version of nero will do it, but just in case check to see if it has Nero Vision. Nero Vision will also accomplish the task. I have a feeling it’s not included in the trial though :frowning: