How do I make burned DVD's play on older players



How do I make my burnt DVD’s appear to be original DVD’s as if I purchased it from a store so they’ll play on older DVD players that don’t play +/- R or RW’s etc…? Also where do I download the upgrade to double my burn speed. I had both of these before but when I put in my new hard drive I lost them.

  1. Make/Model of your DVD burner?

  2. Usually, you’ll need to change the book-type setting to DVD-ROM when you burn a disc. That way, players will “think” it’s a regular DVD. To change the book-type, you may have to flash your drive with the appropriate firmware. Once you’ve flashed your DVD drive, you either can manually set the book-type or the firmware will automatically do it for you.

  3. To burn at a faster rate/speed, it may require you to flash your drive with the appropriate firmware.


The burn speed is controlled by the firmware. Firmware does not change when you replace the HD.

For maximum compatibility with older DVD ROM drives, use

-made in Japan DVD-R media
-burn at 4x

Some burners will also change the booktype of DVD+Rs to DVD-ROMs.


My DVD burner is a Lite-On DVDRW LDW-451S.


i have a lite-on sohw 832s burner and my panasonic stand-alone player, which is over 2 years old, is not supposed to play hardly anything but actual dvd movies according to the owners manual. in other words, no dvd-r’s or rw’s, mpeg, divx, and just about anything else u can name. well, to my delight, it actually plays dvd-r and dvd+rw. i have no idea why. i have some dvd+r i’m going to try also.
to start out, i would suggest trying dvd-r discs because they are supposedly more compatible w/ older players. and if u burn w/ dvd decrypter u can change the book type if needed. and do not burn above 4x. slower speed=higher success rate. give these a try and see what happens.


bitsetting should work on your drive.Then they should play on anything.