How do I make Blu-Ray iso to load into Power dvd

I have a HT-DT-ST BDDVDRW GGC-H20N multi drive,this one only reads BD/HD-DVD and writes DVD±RW and CD.It came bundled with Power Dvd Ultra 7.3.3120.0 and last night when I wanted to play 30 Days of Night it wouldn’t.I had no choice but to update the components.I held out as long as possible.I have AnydvdHD, Imgburn 2400,clonedvd2( I know has no HD capabilities)I need to try to load my blu ray from the hard drive with daemon tools,but I do not know which one to use or exactly how. I downloaded the lite version of daemon tools but it does not work or I just do not know how.Can anybody give me some help here and get me going in the right direction PLEASE :bow:


I have two versions of PowerDVD installed in my PC: ver 3319a and version 3516 (or 3730?). I’m using 3319a to playback from harddrive. The other version to playback the latest profile titles where 3319a doesn’t support, ie PiP etc.

You don’t need to make an ISO unless you know that it’s protected by BD+. For non BD+ titles, you can just rip to your harddrive and playback using your older PowerDVD version (up to 3319a). The thing that I don’t like with ISO because we are dealing with 25-50GB of files and it double the size and time to do it (you need to rip and then make an ISO). Our member SamuriHL might have some comments on this.

But if you already have the ISO, then in daemon: right click on the icon in the system tray, in Virtual CD/DVD-ROM menu set number of device (add 1-3 depending your need), then in Device 0 - mount image and point to your ISO.

Let us know!

Well I finally got it,I just make them with imgburn 2400 with anydvdhd in the backgroung straight to a iso.I do not have the 3319a version I got my pc 2 weeks ago it came with 3120,it would play from HDD but when I tried to play 30 Days of Night (disk) it wouldn’t,needed a component update.I had no choice. The bundled versions are a bit different than the retail versions.So the only way I can fly is the iso,when doing it like that it is still only the same size as the movie.I tell ya,SD dvd’s don’t look bad on my flatscreen.Thanks!


im having similar , but not exact issues i read here

But i think this may solve my issues as well ?

Hey zevia , im very curious as to how you can have 2 versions

of PDVD on one pc . Its a genius solution , but how do you make

it fly , with one version installed , when u go to install the next one ,

wont the installer see the other installed version and need to over

write it or uninstall it 1st ? This has always been my experience

with software installs . id love ur advice on how to do this , do they both

show up in win xp start menu as 2 instances of same program and the 2

different versions are there for u to choose which to launch ?

My problem is playing Across the universe BR , im using PDVD

ver 3319a , the movie launches to menu , but i cant access anything

to make it go ,Nero showtime just launches a blank screen , in any

program i just drag the feature file to , the movie plays fine , except

i need the English track , and neither program plays the english

track in this method , and tho i attempt to choose English in options

it never works . The English audio must be somewhere else on this

movie ?

This is where ur idea really becomes genius , im guessing the later

versions of PDVD are able to play this flick in full glory , as i suspect

something about this new release movie isnt supported in my older

version of PDVD ?

Loooong tale short

Your advice on this double install , and any advice on why this flick

is acting this way and ways to solve it are anticipated and will

be appreciated



as an update , while waiting for ur informed replies

i made an iso with imgburn of the movie

PDVD showed it was in disc mode in top right

corner when i loaded it , then crashed/shut off

Nero showtime did as it did from HDD , just a blank

screen and nothing else

Maybe this indicates a quirk in this flick not

supported by either software ?



Installed PDVD v7.3.3516

It loads movie fine , but is still stuck on menu

screen , i cant activate with mouse or keyboard

Its not frozen , it just wont respond to anything

i try


@stinman47: make an ISO direct from disc with AnyDVD and ImgBurn, nice, didn’t think about that, thanks!

@smakcjack: To install two versions of PowerDVD in a computer, first install the 3319a then rename the folder in C:\Program Files\Cyberlink\PowerDVD to PowerDVD3319a, then install the latest version, it will create a new folder called PowerDVD. When you want to run 3319a, rename the latest PowerDVD folder to for instance PowerDVD3516 and rename PowerDVD3319a back to PowerDVD. You can create a DOS batchfile for this to make it easier.

Thanks mate

UR obviously way more advanced than me

So each time i run one or the other versions

of PDVD i need to do this renaming u speak of ?

i also know nada about dos , what and how about this

dos batch file can u school me on ?


any ideas why im having the issues i spoke of above with the said

movie ? It seems i wont be able to watch it atall after all the steps

i ve taken ?

Tho i have instant email notice chosen i never got one concerning

ur reply

Thanks again mate


[quote=smackjack;2012952]what and how about this

dos batch file can u school me on ?

[/quote]Here is the dos batch, you can save in your desktop. Be sure you have two versions installed before you run this dos batch. (522 Bytes)

Cheers mate

@smackjack, when you launch Across the Universe with PowerDVD 3319a, did you choose to play the movie (pointing to the folder) or just the m2ts, or play from the disc?

In any case, I read that this title (Across the Universe Blu-ray) is having playback problem with all version of PowerDVD OEM but it works on retail version of PowerDVD Ultra. I guess you have to wait for a patch from Cyberlink if you don’t want to upgrade to Ultra.

Sorry I missed this thread earlier. zevia I assumed you knew how to make the ISO directly from ImgBurn while running AnyDVD in the background. Sorry. :slight_smile:

You MUST have AnyDVD running when you make the image with, however, as LUK added a check for AACS protected content and ImgBurn refuses to make the ISO if it detects AACS. This kind of blows for a few reasons…not the least of which is that people who blame AnyDVD for causing problems ripping the disc I have them shut AnyDVD off and rip it straight with ImgBurn. If that’s successful(it usually isn’t as most of those “problems” are bad discs), then I have them load the image with Daemon Tools and reenable AnyDVD which will remove the protection from the mounted image. Most people don’t realize you can do it that way but it does work. However, as I said, with you must have AnyDVD loaded to remove the protection before ImgBurn will make an image.

As for Across the Universe and several other titles, no, they do NOT work even with the retail version of Ultra. A LOT of people are having problems with the menus not working. I don’t have that one on Blu-ray, so, I can’t verify this but the Cyberlink and Slysoft forums are full of people having this problem even with 3730. Cyberlink is aware of the problem. I suspect they’re focused on PowerDVD 8 so who knows when a fix will be released.

Anyway, I have the following recommendations for people looking to play their backups with PowerDVD:

-With AnyDVD running, make an ISO of the disc using ImgBurn. This will create an unprotected image
-Mount the ISO with Daemon Tools (NOT virtual clone drive. A new version is coming, but, right now this does not work well for HD images) and use the latest PowerDVD version to play it back with the exception of BD+ protected titles.
-IF BD+ protected, you must use an older version of PowerDVD to play it back, either in ISO format or from a folder. (I do all mine as ISOs regardless of protection). I recommend 3319a for this as it seems to be the most stable version that still allows BD+ playback without AACS. Slysoft is working on a BD+ solution for a future release of AnyDVD, so, hang in there and we’ll be able to use one version of PowerDVD for all our movies.

The script posted above works fairly well for switching versions. I find that to be a pain but it’s effective. Let me know if there’s anything else I can help answer.

What is the advantage/disadvantage of ripping the disc in ISO vs file mode?

I like “file mode” better because I can tweak the files, tsremux etc when needed.

The obvious advantage of ISO is that you can get titles like Resident Evil Extinction to play. :slight_smile: For those and other profile 1.1 titles you need 3730 which doesn’t have the playback from folder option. I prefer to only use older powerdvd versions for BD+ protected titles, so, I absolutely have to have ISOs. And what’s stopping you from running tsremux on the mounted ISO? :wink:

[quote=SamuriHL;2014612]And what’s stopping you from running tsremux on the mounted ISO? ;)[/quote]I always feel that processing a file from mounted ISO is slower. (?)

But you got a very good point. In order to watch PIP on those movies you need the latest PowerDVD 3730which can’t do from folder. :slight_smile:

Eh? Why? The mounted image is on the same hard drive as a raw file would be. The speed difference if any should be negligible. And given all the other benefits (plays with latest PowerDVD, one file vs a folder cluttering things up, etc), ISOs tend to make more sense. At least for me. If you’re happy with folders that’s great. I just don’t think that’s going to help you much with profile 1.1 titles as they have issues with older versions of PowerDVD. Unless, of course, you remux them with no menus and extras. Then you should be good to go. Use the method that works best for you. For me I like the convenience of ISOs.

hi when i want to make a iso of a blueray backup i have on my harddisk wich folders do i chose i have made one of 30days wich had a certificate folder wich i put in with the bdmw file and it mounted fine with deamon hut the others i have only have bdmw file and when mount the iso from that pw dvd starts but says no disk in drive ,any ideas?