How do i make backup copy of Flight Simulator?

I have the original disks of Microsoft Flight Simulator X on dvd and would like to make a backup copy of it. It is on dvd and i understand games are difficult to back up without some sort of program. Can any help?

hi there try using alcohol 120 should be easy to find on the net i hope this is of some help to you---------------SILVERSURFER-----------------------
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Alcohol 120 isn’t his solution. You’re going to have to mount the image using daemon Tools. Plus I have no idea what protection Flight Simulator is under. Get A-Ray Scanner. Scan the disc and it should tell you what protection it has. Then go to alcohol and set it to copy SecureRom or what ever the protection is. Then Mount using Daemons tools and enable all the secuirty options.

Whoever said it wasn’t? Please refrain from assuming other members motives without any evidence.