How Do I Make a Reasonable Quality Slideshow for TV?

If I’m posting this in the wrong place I apologize and request redirection.

I’ve spent the last 8 hours trying to make a slideshow on a DVD to play on a TV player. The movies I rent on DVD aren’t fuzzy, but it seems like all the slideshow makers make low resolution videos – what were excellent quality images become fuzzy/blurry hard to watch pictures.

I don’t need fancy transitions and other video effects, I would just like to present one image at a time, but I would like them to display reasonably clearly. They result is not for my use, but if I stick a finger drive containing JPEGs, in the USB port on my computer it finds the pictures and starts a show of reasonable quality. Surely there’s a waydo this with a DVD player – does anybody know how? I would prefer a free method, but if I have to I’ll buy one. I have Lightroom, Photoshop, Corel Draw, PowerPoint, and other image and other presentation apps that aren’t coming to mind.

Really, all I want is for a group of pictures to be displayed about one every 10 seconds.

Okay, I’ve now found a program that makes decent images. But, it costs about $75 dollars, and the trial version only lets me include 25 pictures. This is a one-off project, so I’m not willing to pay that much.

If you have Vista you can use Windows DVD Maker.

Gosh, could it be that easy? I have Vista on a laptop I rarely use. I’ll look into that. Thanks a bunch.

It’s been a while since I used Windows DVD Maker but it is fairly simple.You have to choose one of the transitions .You can choose the time for each to stay on the screen but you can also pause any time to leave one up longer.
If it doesn’t do what you like then here is another one.
I don’t have this software in the link except for ImgBurn it is all freeware & might be what you want.You probably won’t need the GUI for DVD Author.

I may give it a try myself.

Windows DVD Maker did what I need. I couldn’t get the Preview feature to work (it didn’t show the pictures in the order I had them), so I had to burn a disk to see what the show looked like. Also, since the Preview didn’t work right it wasn’t practical to preview the various opening screens and transitions, so I had to pick one that seemed it would be least likely to create a screwy first screen or weird transitions.

Though not ideal, the disk I created gets the job done, and with practice I think I could learn to make a quite nice result. Thanks for your help.

I went & checked to see if the Preview worked on my computer.
It worked fine for me & I could see any transition I selected.
It also showed the pictures in correct order.
So as you said some practice with it.

I’ve tried these two programs.

This one is free. I have not tried the very latest version, but the earlier ones had a couple bugs that got corrected with patches.

This is pay program, but does have a trial version. This one also lets you save the original hi-rez jpeg images on the DVD for printing out or viewing with a PC.