How do I make a psl file?(dvddecryptor)



I’m felling prety stupid here. Had this problem with resident evil 2. Found which sectors to skip an followed instructions an how to make a psl file but it never worked. Found a link to a premade psl file on the decryptor site, downloadedit, imported it and it worked. I opened the file that worked and it contained the same information that I tired so I’m very confused.
Im trying to backup little black book. I know that it has that sony arcos (or whatever the hell it is) bad sector protection. I want to use dvd decryptor to beat it and here is the information.
So I am suposed to put this into text file with a psl extention. I keep getting an error about the first line not saying psl??? How do I convert this into a usable file for dvd decryptor? I have looked around the dvd decryptor forum but the author is screaming about how psl files are not nessasary in and that is what he made the psl files in.
So I tired the new version and got all kins of errors and it took 5 hours. It jus finished now. I tried to open it in recode and it WAY cannot compres it.
After compression, it’s showing a file size of almost 6 gig???
I would really lime to know what I am doing wrong in creating psl files, and would love any input on this movie too???
I’m sure I can work it out but I dont feel like spending a week figuring it out. Can anybody help in any areas???


Well, I too had to import the PSL file to copy REA. However with the new version of Decryptor it’s no longer necessary. Have you downloaded the latest version

Of course I also wondered about how to make the PSL file. :wink:


Guess I should have read your post a little more carfully.

Very odd that you have and are still having problems.

What is your setup and media?


I’m using anydvd and nero to try to back it up from the file dvd decryptor made. I did that with resident evil using and a psl file and it worked fine. I have also used this setup without decryptor to back up lots of other movies. It’s been rare if nero couldn’t compress the movie and when it couldn’t it was always just slightly oversized so I took out spanish language tracks or a single extra and it fit. I hve never seen any movie be 6 gig after compression (it’s saying that most of it is the main movie and that the main movie is over 3 hours? There are some other things that I can try but I would really love to know how to create a psl with the info I have. I have compared a premade psl with similar info for resident evil and I cannot find what I am doing wrong. All that I can think it that I have one little syntax problem somewhere. I have followed specific instruction on how to make a psl and it still didn’t work. I get the error that the first line does not say psl?
Fyi almost forgot to answer all your questions. I am running an athlon xp 2400, 512mb of mem, nec 3500, etc. I have never had backup problems with this or my other rig. I have not got far enough for it to try to burn so media hasn’t come into play but I mostly use ricojpnr01 (tdk, maxell and imation). I also have some ty as well as other good medias to use and I run kporbe scans all the time on my other rig so I know what medias burn well with my drives.


I tried to copy the sectors from a web page, and create my own .psl and I could never get it to work. I even copied and pasted the black book info into an already created .psl, ( one for resident evil) and it still would not work. I finally found a .psl file listed as such,and downloaded it, and it imported into decrypter just fine. I then updated to the newest decrypter, (the one you have) and have since done The Forgotten without having to import anything. It put it its own dummy sectors, and ripped it fine. Hope this helps. Do you have the right .psl file for Black Book? I think I found it at Afterdawn, or doom9. Good luck.


I havent found the right pls file to down load (just the info to create my own). I’ll have to keep looking.


I just found this at the decrypter forum, you might want to poke around there and find an answer, Read here:

first, then here is home of the forum?



I ‘scream’ about not needing the PSL file with because it’s the gods honest truth!

The ones I offered for download were just made with before I released it to the public - so basically, it’s all automatic in

If you have problems ripping with that version - and by problems I mean ‘I/O Errors’, NOT ‘Pack Header Not Found’ warnings - the problem lies with your disc. It’s nothing to do with the protection.

So Pllllllllllllllllllleeeease stop making things difficult on yourself and just listen to what I’m saying. You’ve no idea how annoying it gets to have to keep repeating myself over and over again.


Wasn’t trying to iritate you further, I just wanted to try something diffrent since I was having problems with one method. I believe you that the psl files are not nesasary with (and thanks for all the hard work on this program). Searching through various forums, plenty of people said they got this movie to work with out using a psl file using the new version. It’s quite possible that something else is causing a problem so I just wanted to try diffrent methods. I still cannot figure out why it would only compress down to 6 gig or why it was saying that the main movie was over 3 hours. I just tried playing the files that decryptor made and the teasers at the begining played fine but the main movie was just a black screen. I did get the movie to copy alright though. I just updated anydvd and it worked (I didn’t try that at first because it didn’t work for resident evil but I guess this is an even newer version). Thank for the input from everybody.


I have not needed a psl file with the newest decrypter at all, and reading forums like these and others , I can surely understand your (Lightning) frustration. Thanks for all your time and effort, and Glad you got it ripit.


ripit, I’ve never used Nero to compress my disks. I’ve always used DVDShrink myself, pre-ripping with Decrypter when dealing with the new protection schemes. I just copied a 3+ Hr movie the other night (Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars) and it fit real nice on a DVD-5. Mind you I had to set compression to something like 52% with the Quality enhancements enabled, but it turned out quite usable. I only use nero for the burning part.


I would think that nero recode and dvd shrink would have similar compression capabilities. The guy that originally wrote shrink was hired by nero to work on recode. There are a lot of similarities between the two (I almost wonder if they share some of the same code). It has been rare for nero not to be able to compress a dvd-9 to a dvd-5 including movies that contain both a standard and wide screen version with extras copied too. The few rare instances where it couldn’t compress a disk, all I had to do was remove spanish language tracks or something small.
I was able to copy and compress the whole disk with nero and anydvd. I still cannot figure what went wrong with decryptor. I remember getting a message about copy protections problems and wonder if it was conflicting with anydvd (I usally leave anydvd running in the background at all times). I really don’t think it was nero’s or dvd decryptors fault. Probably just an error occured somewhere. I got it copied so I’m not really going to worry about it unless the problems starts reocuring when I use decryptor.