How do i make a Mix-Mode CD image?

hi there, i’d like to create a Mix-Mode CD image.

for track 1 it will be data
for track 2 and onwards it will be WAVs playable on standard audio player

i’ve tried making it with ultraiso, but it looks like its not possible.

i know how to make a mix-mode cd with a burner, but my burner keeps burning coasters.
after 2 days of googling i’ve found no other method except to use a cd burner.

so is it actually possible to create and edit a mix-mode cd image?

thank you so much!

I haven’t tried it but I’m sure ImgBurn could create an image like you are asking about.
I’m sure it would only be useable with a computer & might even need to be mounted in a virtual drive . Specially the data .
I did burn some .wavs to a CD one time to test if cd player (not a computer one) could play them . The 3 I tried couldn’t. They need the .wav files burned as an Audio CD because the non computer players need the track pointers . They are what you see when you open a standard audio cd. The small size .cda files .

yes that’s the perfect tool i need! thank you so very much! with imgburn i was able to create a track 1 data followed by track 2 WAVs that imgburn churns out as a cue sheet, at first i didn’t know what to do with it, but it was actually perfectly compatible with nero and once i clicked on the cue sheet, nero started to do a “burn” of everything, track1+2 wise, to a virtual recorder called a “disk image recorder”, when it was finished, a perfect mixed mode CD image with track1 and 2 was created as a single nero image file on my desktop, and it worked flawlessly! its exactly what i wanted!

thank you so much for your help! thank you!

@ tomoyoafter , I’ve used ImgBurn for a long time & would like to try what you did. Just to learn how.
I know how to use ImgBurn’s cue function & have it setup to use several types of audio files.
What I would like to know is what type data file you used & an example of the type data that was on it. I’m not being nosy so you don’t have to be specific .
I also have a version of Nero . Was the image file you ended up with from Nero a .nrg file ?
Your welcome for the thank you. I will take that for pointing you to ImgBurn . I want to give most of the credit to the author of ImgBurn: LIGHTNING UK! .

AFAIK, you can make an image of just about anything and playback on your PC…Question is TA, does it work on your " standard audio player" as your first post reads…

What I would like to know is what type data file you used & an example of the type data that was on it. I’m not being nosy so you don’t have to be specific . [/QUOTE]

hello there! the track 1 contains data that is an old 1999 japanese pc game that were sold exclusively in japan only of which i was given an Iso image of, so track 1 consists on only the setup files and auto-run of the game, and during gameplay the game exe plays many redbook audio tracks from track 2 directly as ingame background music. i’ve tried mounting an MP3/wav disc image on a virtual drive and sure enough the 1999 game exe cannot read it at all.

as my curiosity implored me i decided that i want the game exe to read my terrible music and play them as background music instead, and knowing that the game exe can only read redbook i did exactly the following in an attempt to fool the game exe to play my songs instead:

i began by copying the game setup and autorun files directly to ultraiso and made a basic data disc image out of these files directly. i left track 2 alone since i don’t need it.

i opened img burn and immediately selected the cue sheet option. a small window opened up with the track 1 column and other buttons.

i dragged the basic data disc image i made earlier of the game’s setup/auto run files to the track 1 column

then i dragged my 13 mp3s to the track 1 column, which then produces a second column called track 2.

then i click ok and imgburn created the cue sheet, when i clicked on the cue sheet nero7 opens up and takes me directly to the burn option window.

i click ok and nero shows me a list of my installed cd burner, however as i don’t have any nero instead shows me a “disk image recorder” instead.

so i clicked on it and nero creates a nero image that ends with .NRG

after mounting the .NRG to a virtual cd drive, windows media player pops up and started to play the music. however i don’t know how to check if they’ve been converted to redbook or if they are still mp3s.

so then i opened the game exe, which is not capable to playing mp3 cds or wav cds

but then when the game starts i could hear all my terrible music playing in the game menu and in-game. so i’m assuming that during the image making process my mp3s must have been changed to redbook or else the game exe woudn’t have been able to play them as they would’ve still been the same old mp3s.

[B]initially i was to burnt the disc image directly to see if it’ll play on my HI-FI audio player, but i broke my desktop only a few weeks back. the MOBO and burner and everything just fried up, the whole thing’s gone and so i had to resort to trying painstakingly to make a mixed-mode cd image. [/B]

as i have no cd burner i have no way of burning the cd and test it on my HI-FI at all, i’ve been looking everywhere for the old trusty win98 cd audio player that can work on my currect winXP, but no luck. its too bad the latest WMP doesn’t give out any information at all. i’ll install winamp tomorrow and let you know if they’re redbook or not.

I also have a version of Nero . Was the image file you ended up with from Nero a .nrg file ?

yes it is, its an .NRG disc image file and mountable to virtual cd rom drives/

Thank you for a detailed answer . I haven’t worked with copying & burning games .

hello, i installed winamp and my mix mode NRG disc image does show up in the menu of winamp as “Audio disc”, and is playable. so yes track 2 should be an audio disc now.

thanks for pointing me to imagburn! :slight_smile: