How do i make a iso from a safedisc cd?



Is this possible to do? I have a Lite-on LTR-52246S, firmware 650F.

I am trying to do it with Swat 3: close quarters. ClonyXXL gives me two skulls saying that its a old safedisc.

Would really like to make a iso file rather than a .nrg or a .img.



Discdump produces images in raw iso/cue format.


i tried that, but it didn’t work. It gives me errors that the data is unreadable.


Of course it does. Unreadable sectors are the protection with safedisc cds. Since it’s safedisc 1 there will be somewhere between 800 and 2,350 read errors (all in the first ~10,500 sectors). That’s why you need a raw image and why you need to burn that image using a raw burning mode (i.e. without correcting the errors).


thanks. I got it to work. Just didn’t know if it was reading the disc or not with all those errors. Guess this is why the forum is a ‘newbie’ forum.