How do I make a good test dvd/cd?

I’ve made several DVD+R coasters because none of them test well using Nero’s CD-DVD Speed. I’ve used both Ritek 16X & Legacy 8X (Prodisc, will burn at 12X) discs.

Does anyone know how to compile a good DVD for testing purposes? Is there a web site I can go to download files to use in creating this disc?

Also, when testing CD-R discs, should I make a 650mb (74min) or 700mb (80min) disc? What does CD Freaks use for their testing?

To answer my own question (since no one replied), I finally discovered a way to create a good test DVD. I burned a data disc compilation at 2.4x speed (even though the disc is rated at 8x). That did the trick.

Try some good media and burn at a speed tthat wont take all day. Neither Ritek 16x nor prodisc are very good. What burner do you have? We my be able to tell you what works best in it.

According to digitalfaq, both Prodisc & Infodisc are pretty decent media. Burning at the slower speed gave me excellent Nero CD-DVD Speed results. Burning at anything over >4x speed didn’t produce a good test DVD.

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