How do i make a dvd movie region free?



i have a region 2 dvd movie(european) that only plays on my PC, but will not play on my home dvd player. How do i make this region free or for united states region 1?


i am using dvd fab platinum? is there a a way to make changes to make this work? Or do i have use another program.


i looked at the dvd and it says the format is mpeg2? I want to convert this dvd to play on my home dvd player.


Have you tried this

However, if the player is not region-free, it can often be unlocked with an unlock code entered via the remote control. This code simply allows the user to change the factory-set configuration flag to another region, or to the special region “0”. Once unlocked this way, the DVD player allows the owner to watch DVDs from any region. Many websites exist on the Internet offering these codes, often known informally as hacks. Many websites provide instructions for different models of standalone DVD players, to hack, and their factory codes.


i just got a new pc and i don’t want to ruin my pc with viruses visiting unknown website that offer these things.

I was hoping to find a way to do this with platinum software or some other software. If you know of a website that is safe to visit, i would give it a try.


i am reading the dvd idle pro info, i think this will help resolve the region free issue, but i can’t download the trial version right now. The website says 404 not found.


Try typing your model number in search here at MyCe some are already posted.

Do you know the dvd format ?

If it’s just a region problem go into DVDFab settings and make sure that Make Region Free is checked


the dvd movie format is mpeg2. I don’t know what regular movie formats are. I don’t even know my dvd player plays mpeg2 formats, but i know it will play any dvd movie that i get from blockbuster video. So i think it could be that the movie that i got is in region 2 thats not playing or it could be because its in mpeg2 format and the dvd movie needs to be converted to dvd format.


If you can see it as a mpeg2 then it sounds like your player will not play mpeg2 files.

You will need a mpeg to vob converter program, DVDFab has one but it is a add on program and does not come free.This is what I have and do not use it enough to look for any other program to do the job.

You can go into search and see what you can find here.


When you rip a DVD to your hard drive (using DVD Fab) it will rip it as region free. You can then burn the movie to a new blank disk. I don’t know if you can specify a region to output it to (only needed if your player won’t play region free). Maybe someone else will pipe in about that. Another problem you may have is the movie might be in PAL (most of Europe is) and not NTSC (the US is NTSC).


region 2 dvd Europe is Pal format. That i am 100 percent positive about. US is NTSC, Europe is Pal. By now, i think conversion has been overcome with PAL to NTSC, i just don’t know where to start.

Any other suggestions?


first question is what format is a dvd-r or a dvd movie in? I am talking about movies made in the US.


ok, i have installed the dvd file into my hard drive. How do i take it from the hard drive and put it on a dvd-r. Which program feature do i use? Do i use clone, merge, full customize, full disk?

i am using dvd fab platinum.


[QUOTE=danbrown;2487618]region 2 dvd Europe is Pal format. That i am 100 percent positive about. US is NTSC, Europe is Pal. By now, i think conversion has been overcome with PAL to NTSC, i just don’t know where to start.

Any other suggestions?[/QUOTE]

Hi, I’ve deleted your post in the other thread as it was off topic there and identical to your query here.

Region 2 DVDs are almost exclusively PAL format however a very high proportion of European TVs and DVD players support both PAL and NTSC.

In the US almost all equipment supports only NTSC so you’ll need to convert the original from PAL to NTSC.

DVDFab can rip the disc for you but it can’t convert it to NTSC.

You’ll need alternative software to do that so I’ll move this thread to the Video Edit Software forum where this query is more appropriate.



i downloaded the movie into the harddrive and then from there into the blank and it still will not play on my home dvd player.

What now?


As Wombler stated :

DVDFab can rip the disc for you but it can’t convert it to NTSC.

You will need software to convert to NTSC Google it


You can try re-encoding the movie to NTSC specifications. AVStoDVD can make use of DGPulldown, so that is the tool I would try if you want to use a free conversion program.

You can find AVStoDVD here:

Go into AVStoDVD and click on Preferences, then click the Audio/Video tab. Make sure the output is set to NTSC. Put a check mark in the box to save Preferences as default. Now shut down the program and restart. The saved preference should be applied at this point.

Load the VTS_01_0.IFO file into AVStoDVD (click on the green + sign on the right side of the main window to add a file). Let the program index the movie. You’ll get a box to select the audio stream. Make sure your audio stream has a check mark in the box next to it, then close the little window.

Now click on the icon with a movie reel in it (just under the green + mark). Click on the Video tab and make sure the encoder selected is HC and you are set to do two passes VBR. Output should be Full D1 720 x 480. Click on the Audio and make sure you are getting AC3 audio output. Click ok.

Now take note of where the output is going, change the title if you want, and look in the DVD Menu section if you want to make a menu. This process will not keep the original menus by the way. You can also change the size of the output if you want. Normally AVStoDVD compresses to fit a single layer dvd. You can also make double layer dvd size if you don’t want compression…single layer is called DVD5, double is DVD9.

No promises that this will work, but worth a shot. A commercial product that some people use to convert PAL dvds to NTSC is ConvertXtoDVD…not something I use though.