How do i make a DVD-Audio Disc?

i tried doing a search but the search function seems to be down right now. sorry if this has come up many times which im sure it has…

but what im wondering is if it is possible to create a dvd-audio disc just like a regular cd-audio disc that i can play in my dvd player on my home theatre? i just want more music on there. like 100 mp3 files converted to .wav’s like a normal cd except…on a dvd? is that possible?

Doesn’t your dvd-player support mp3 playback? Just burn them to a dvd (as data) and that should be it.

Depending on your player just copy MP3s to a DVD and play it. If your DVD player does not support MP3s on DVD (many Sony players wont play MP3s on DVD) it may support MP3s on CDs (all players with MP3 playback function will play those). Other things you could do is create a DVD-AUDIO disc but this only woks when your DVD player is DVD-Audio compatible. 3rd option would be to make a slidehow with audiotracks you choose and burn as DVD-Video or use software from Roxio and others to produce DVDs with audio which play on all DVD players (this is not a DVD-Audio but a DVD-Video with soundtracks…)

i cant seem to figure out how to make a slideshow. with Nero, it doesnt seem to work…


A Slideshow is for pictures, not audio…

With some programs to create slideshows you can attach audio to each picture. So what you are doing is creating a slideshow with background music.

you can find some software to convert the dvd to other formats which your player supports.I used one,xilisoft,you can try it first.