How do i make a copy of a game?

I am really new to all this. I want to make a backup copy for the PC game Fable. Is there a step by step somewhere on the web that’l show me how to do it? I have a trial version of Clone CD. I tried to make a copy of it using that but it didnt work.

wow, didnt even notice the tutorial thread…still might need some help though.

ok, the copy protection is SmartE + serial no. What program should i use to make a backup of this CD?

Try using Alcohol 120% and use the safedisk 2/3 profile(the read errors are apart of the copy protection).

Yes, smart is a very easy protection to defeat. I agree with syrus though… foot the money for Alcohol, you will save more in the end by not replacing your discs. Blindwrite, alcohol, or clonecd should do the trick.