How do I make a copy of a copy?



I can’t seem to do it with DVD X-Copy, Nero, Alcohol, or DVD Shrink. There always seems to be some kind of read error towards the end of every disc I attempt… Is there a way around this? Perhaps there is another program I can use?


Use the same program that you used the first time to make your copy.

Each time you make a copy from a copy though the amount of errors will incase which will mean a worse copy each time.


Hmm… I don’t understand how that works. Perhaps this is a newbie question, but I’ve made copies of copied cds before with no problems. Why would that be any different with a DVD?


Study the file structure of a DVD as compared to a CD R.


So there is no sure fire way to make a copy of a copy? :frowning:


Sounds like poor media.
Run the disc through Nero CD speed if you get an unreadable disc its a coaster.
Try ripping it with DVD decrypter, good for damaged discs.
Use decent media and check every disc for errors after each burn.


There shouldn’t be any problems making a copy from a copy it’s just like making any other disk as long as the Disk you are trying to copy is readable, I always prefer to keep going back and using the Original for a back-up and not using the back-up in case there are some errors on the back-up. Try and do what bamo posted, sometimes DVD decrypter can recover damaged disks or try UltraISO it’s also good in reading damaged disk. If that doesn’t work it might be time to get out your original disk and use that. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your help guys, I’ll give Decrypter and UltraISO a try. Typically the copies of copies I’m trying to make are of DVD-R disks to DVD + R disks… Don’t know if that is relevant or not.

Thanks again!


Really? That is the first I’ve heard of it. Analog used to suffer from this, but as far as I knew digital copies should always be the same as the original… :iagree:

Sounds like bad media to me as well. Errors are usually higher near the end of the disc which is what is seems like you are having problems with.
Not all DVD burners or ROM’s are built the same when it comes to error correction either.