How do I make a backup of different DVDs?


I’ve ripped the files from a few different DVDs, but it won’t let me add more than one to Nero. Is there a way to include them all on one DVD+R?

How many DVDs are we talking about here exactly? Are you telling me you want to squeeze an entire season of X-Files into ONE single 4.38GB DVD? Insanity check.

The answer to your question is YES and NO. Yes, if you have a Blu-Ray writer w/ Blu-Ray media. No, if you’re trying to squeeze a shit load of info into a DVD, unless you don’t mind seeing pixelated quality movies.

As Stoner said this is possible but at the loss of quality, unless these discs are quite small in size and so its possible to fit several discs onto one disc then something like DVDLab would reauthor these discs to fit onto one disc though you might have to loose some menus (unsure on this as I’ve never tried this) also have a look through these tutorials to see if any of these can help you out.

Actually, I just want to pick a few episodes from an entire season. For instance, I’ve got the Frasier Season Three 4-DVD box set, but I only want about 1, maybe 2, episodes from each DVD, instead of all six from each DVD. I’ve hoping to make a DVD+R with about 4 or 5 episodes, which should be okay to do if I compress it.

Would I be able to do this with DVDlab, without restrictions such as watermarks or limited times you could use the software? I don’t mind a time-trial restriction. Those I could deal with. I would actually prefer to do this with the two softwares I currently use, which are DVD Shrink and Nero. But if I can’t use those two, then I’ll use DVDlab, or any other equivalent software that’s free and easy to use.

In that case, you can use DVD Shrink. Rip the discs to the HD w/ DVD Decrypter 1st. Open File w/ DVD Shrink, select disc 1, then Re-author, and pick out the episode you want, drag it to the left window. Do Open File again and select another disc, repeat process. When the compilation’s in order, push Backup! Don’t select Close All Open DVDs until Backup! is finished. After that’s done, launch Nero, do a DVD Video, drap and drop all the files in the compilation to VIDEO_TS folder. Burn.

Hey, thanks a lot for your help. But I ran into even more problems now. First, I ripped the movie file using DVD Decrypter, but I noticed that it started at the last couple of minutes BEFORE the episode I wanted, and it cut off the very end of the episode I intended it to rip. This is very weird. Any ideas?

And thanks again for all your help. If I didn’t get any help here, I am almost positive I would have re-sold my burner to someone else by now. This is starting to become a pain in the ass.

This is starting to piss me off. Whenever I try to rip something from the DVD it ALWAYS starts from the last couple of minutes from the episode before and it cuts off the end of the epsiode I want. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?

Try CloneDVD. You can keep the menus and cut all chapters/material you don’t want/need.

I don’t think that’s going to work. I’ll need to take an episode or two from different DVD’s. DVD Decrypter looks like it could do it; I’m just having trouble getting it to rip the episode correctly.

Try watching the DVD in your stand alone player and where it seems to miss the beginning or the end watch the lcd (if you have one on your stand alone player) and see if the chapter numbers change at all. It could just be a badly authored disc.

Hi there,

For backing up DVD’s and selecting parts of a DVD I have found that Nero recode does the job, if its run in conjunction with DVD-region free obtained from This has decryption.

I have had it on trial for awhile now and I will be buying as it does the job a treat.

All you have to do is have Nero and the DVD region free installed, run Nero recode import the dvd, cut out what you dont want and add to etc, then burn the finished product.