How do I make a Audio CD-RW THAT WILL ERASE!



I’ve used about 5 of my CD-RW’s and I can’t delete them. They play on my stereo but I can’t seem to delete them, and I only brought the five pack so I dont have anymore, anyone can help me on how to make an audio cd so that I can be able to delete them?? I try using Nero to try and erase it. When I check the disc info it says that the disk is a rewritable, but when I go to erase it, its says the cd is not rewritable. Is there a different way that I have to make a cd since it is rewritable? Hellp plez!!


You could try downloading Alcohol 120%. That has the ability to erase an illegal TOC.



Clone cd ?


Always work for me.


On alcohol it says that the disk is not a rewritable. And the disk is a rewritable, I have only been able to delete data on a rewritable, I can’t seem to delete audio. Am I suppose to make the cd a different way than I would when I use a regular cd?



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Clone cd ?

Always work for me.

I find it the easiest way to erease a RW


Do a full erase?
I have been able to erase mine every time.
Else, expose it to heat or direct sunlight. That will destroy the data.


Will that not knacker the disk. :confused:


That will distroy the disk! It says not to do that all CDR/DVDR cases.



direct sunlight takes a few days to do it.

what nero version?


dowload this free program

fourth option from the right, a disc with a pencil give you the options to format/erase,

DVD and CD RWs’

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