How do I make a Audio CD-RW THAT WILL ERASE!

I’ve used about 5 of my CD-RW’s and I can’t delete them. They play on my stereo but I can’t seem to delete them, and I only brought the five pack so I dont have anymore, anyone can help me on how to make an audio cd so that I can be able to delete them??

Did you try to erase or reformat them?

What software are you using?

Your burning program should have an erase feature.

[B]I use packet writing software such as DirectCD from Adaptec and DLA to do this. I drag and drop flies on to my CD and they play in my MP3 players just fine. When I get bored of any songs, I can replace only those leaving the others intact. The Quick Erase feature in these software can wipe clean the CD if you want all files gone. Of course, the very first time, you have to do a full format using the corresponding software before you drag and drop.

If you want the songs to play on regular CD players, then simply use the burning software’s native erase function and burn the songs on. Of course, you can erase the songs on an ongoing basis. You certainly don’t need to buy any more - I have been using just 2 CDRWs for this function for the past 3 years.[/B] :smiley: