How do I make a 1:1 copy of Desperados?

I have this little problem with Desperados… I have tried copying it using Clony+CloneCD but it just won’t work! I also have problems playing the original, it doesn’t start. If anyone has the same problems then please help me.

The game is protected with Laserlock, maybe it’s a new version? Anyway: It takes 1 hour to finish the reading. Is that normal?


Well the answer seems pretty obvious: if the original doesn’t work properly, you cannot expect the backup to work. It sound to me you have a damaged disc…

Greets and goodluck

with all though respect, you’re wrong
I got it to work once, but I don’t remember how…
If anyone has made a 1:1 copy of desperados or has a cd-copy crack for it please tell me

thank you for your answer G@mefre@k!


Yes I can understand that but I mean how do you want to test the back-up if the original doesn’t play. You say it worked one time but there’s no way to tell if the back-up is really a coaster this way…

Sorry if I’m misunderstanding you. You (probably) can get a no-CD crack at


Thanks, but I already tried that…
thanks anyway

Is it a copy of a copy??? That could be a problem if it is.
Case in point. About a year I tried to copy a copy of the sybex e lab ccna trainer and it caused me a load of grief. I borrowed the original cd, and burnt a perfect copy of it without a problem. I then tried it again using the old copy and it didnt work. It had some version of safedisc on it.

Thanks for the tip, but I found out the real problem:
I had installed the swedish version of DirectX, but the game needed the english. Pretty stupid, but if anyone has the same problem, then thats the solution.


Glad to hear that you sucessfully copied. We all make mistakes from time to time. (I accidentally deleted everything in the temp folder when I went to dos mode,
real pain in the behind trying to get it working again.)

: )

Thanks, but actually I didn’t succeed making a copy. But now. at least the original game. Please check out the post about a new laserlock protection and you will understand.


Ruh roh you said new laserlock?? Hmm, have to some research on that…Ever seen one with CD-COps on it those are a real pain in the ass

Originally posted by cloakdoa
Hmm, have to some research on that…Ever seen one with CD-COps on it those are a real pain in the ass

Yes indeed. Luckily this protection is not that common. I had one, but I could crack it with McLallo’s CD-Cops Decrypter… I wonder why CloneCD doesn’t support this protection?

It absolutely should. Maybe next version?


You can read in the other items how to backup.

There is a good crack on Gamecopyworld. Its works fine. You must take the crack of game.exe not the desperados.exe.


I already use a crack, but thanks anyway.
Check out the post: new laserlock protection for more info on this one…


Hi.I had the same problems with Desperados. Made 3 Coasters with CloneCd; than I
burned the ccd.img with CDRWin 3.8 and it works.

I didn’t know CDRWIN supports “intelligent sector scanner”? Or does it?