How do i know whether i got 80 column cables?

hey everyone i have a 3500 AG and i used the new data cable that came with my asus p4p800 e del this has to be 80 column right? how do i verify this i was thinking since it was new it should be it

also wht is the safest fw for me to use since my drive is on standard 2.16 official anyone care to comment on something safely tested and which supports riplock and bitsetting


use cd/dvd speed to check the burst rate, mine is 24 i think over 20 is ok.

i use 2.C8 f/w and am very pleased with it,only draw back withit is not changing +RW to dvd-rom. but their is a new f/w 2.18 that has this added.

count the lines ? =)

Most likely, you do have the 80-conductor cable, which typically has the blue, black, and grey connectors. If you look at the FDD cable, you’ll notice the thicker wire gauge, and the 40-conductor cable would be like that as well. My burst rates were 25- or 27-MB/s on the 3500 or 1612@166S (ROM) drives.

never thought of that :slight_smile:

so i counted a spare cable and thats only got 40 lines and i still get 25 burst rate. :bigsmile:

nero dvd cd doesnt work for necs does it how did u guys use it? its weird it doesnt detect my nec?

thanx for all of ur prompt responses is there anyway around this mate?
and where can i get the new fw from herrie is it or liggy?

I use my BenQ…you will have to use it with a drive it supports…you can find the new firmware here >

You can get the new 2.18 firmware with bitsetting from Liggy on this page:

thanx quickee and rolling but could u tell me how safe is it using and could i rollback and i know my warantee would be voided but in short could u tell me wht i would achieve by using the above new fw. i have like i stated before 2.16 given with the drive

and also my 80 column thingie is AOK! shows 24 mbps so thats good

both 3.4 & 3.5 versions of cd/dvd speed detect my 3500ag 2.C8, the only real limitation with is you cant test for pi/pif .

I´m using old 40 conductor IDE-cable on my 3500 (mobo asus P4P800-E).
No problem at all, full bust rate… :wink:

BTW, on 80 conductor cable, 40 wires are “grounded” anyway… :cool: