How do I know if my Liteon 5005 is Macrovision disabled?

I recently purchased a Liteon 5005 off ebay. The seller only advertised that the upgraded firmware allowed it to record in 3 hour mode. He did not mention whether or not it was Macrovision disabled. I hooked it up to a Sanyo player and dubbed a copy protected disc. When I played back the copy I noticed that the action seemed jittery but did not see the color flashes normally associated with copyguard protection. So I’m still not quite sure if my recorder is macrovision disabled or not. Does anyone know of a way that I can find out for sure?

@vector9 - if your serial number on the setup screen looks like this XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX (01X-XXXX) the first digit 0 means it is region free, the second digit 1 means that macrovision is disabled, the last digit in the group of 3 with the 0 and 1 is the ending character of the last system firmware update.

I have heard about these on ebay, somebody is selling the LiteOn DVD Recorders with the hacks already done, but that can be done for nothing with a free download of IloHacker. I hop e you didn’t pay too much extra for it.

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I e-mailed Lite on about my using the timer - and one of the things I notice was that the 5104 was made for Area 1 - and I note the area notes - was does macromedia disengaged mean - I wwant nothing fancy for the recorder - just one half hour show a day -

Lite On said that my series - Model 5104 is for area 1 - - what does the macrovision do -I am concerned that I am not doing something right - and dread buying any new entertainment equipment - - I have DVD-RW’s - yet I get a message about finalizing - does that mean that I make it where it can’t be played over - Does one have to delete before recording anymore - or does the system COVER previous items NOT finalized - just didn’t like that irreadable disk message after I had recorded something –

Cheerios 2,

If you are getting a message to finalize then you are using dvd-r’s not dvd-rw’s.

DVD-RWs have to be finalized.


If I try and finalize a dvd-rw I get an immediate message to replace disc. The same message that you get if you try and erase a dvd-r. Do you even own a liteon 5005?

Yes I do, and I get the replace disc message only with DVD+RW media.

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