How do I know if my DVD Burn was successful?

I just used nero cd/dvd speed to attempt to verify the quality of my first back up. I compared the quality to the original scene for scene. I just don’t want any compromise in quality, that’s all. But is it enough confirmation that the dvd burned without any error message along the way? Or will I encounter a scenario in which I back a DVD up with let’s say DVD Decrypter… everything looks fine, then I go to play the copy a week later and find the audio is off, or something lame like that… I guess I want a way to know the burn was successful before I play it.

here’s a link to an image capture of the ‘benchmark’ test.

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I have no idea what it all means. I don’t have the option of doing the ‘disc quality’ test option. I don’t know why that is, I have an LG burner. I guess my question is, should I sell my LG Blu-Ray optical drive, and buy a lite-on optical drive then use that in conjunction with Kprobe? Or should is there a way to do disk quality scans with my burner? Or do I even need disk quality scans??

I’m really stuck here… Thanks a lot for helping out.

Burst rate seems low.

what’s a burst rate?

[QUOTE=pfloyd1;2451462]Burst rate seems low.[/QUOTE]

sorry… just not sure what that is?

LG drives don’t do disc quality tests. You can, however, do a “scan disc” test. I would suggest doing one of those. If it comes out with errors, then there is a problem for sure.