How do I know if my burning software is working



If my burning software is working.

Let me see if I can ask this in an effective way.

If a copy is successful, and the movie appears to play fine, can I assume that the software is ok and if the disk starts freezing at times on playback in our home player, its the player?

I want to narrow down the number of things I have to dig into to find out why some of our discs are freezing up…

I am thinking since the copies are going ok and the discs ALWAYS play back fine in our PC that its the player…


If the playback freezes it’s quite likely the media and/or the wrong burn speed. So what media , what burn speed & what burner do you have.


I’ve been burning at 4x

The media is Comp Usa branded stuff, it comes up as AML for the MID label in Nero.

Its never been a problem for the longest time. I figure harder schemes of protection were making burns that my player would be more finicky about.

The freezing never happens in my PC dvd rom drive. And today one disc was freezing up in our philips player, I moved it to another and it was fine.


It’s the media. In your other thread I’ve recommended Verbatim 16x +R media.


So if the copy completes without errors being reported the burn is good no matter what?

Any errors going forward are due to bad media or a bad player?


Dont use cheap (ie store branded) media. Its just not worth it. It might be a couple bucks cheaper, but you end up with loss data, movies etc plus you get at least 5% coasters in the bunch no doubt.
Problem is even Verbatim is gettting to be as crappy as some of the cheaper stuff too.