How do i know if my burner has a problem or if its my medias?

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I’m losing quite a LOT of medias here with my recent purchased LG 4163B.

If you look on the forum, you’ll notice a few posts of mine trying to understand why that happen.

I’ve been following peoples guidelines, but i’m still getting erros during verify phase both on Nero and DVD Decrypter!!

I dont underrstand!! I got friends who tell me they NEVER lost a media!!

What is wrong? How do i know if the problem is on my DVD burner drive???

this is getting expensive, i’m losing quite a lot of medias. i need to fix this thing, but i still cant figure out if the problem is the burner, the medias or other thing in my computer!!! is it my hard-drive that may have problems, and because of that, data is not transferred right to burner buffer??

Is this DVD burning thing totally a “hit and miss” thing, when on a batch of good media, you burn some and you oughta loose some, regardless of media being good, mostly because some butterfly made a abrupt change in India or because air is too thick that day???

Come on, i never lost a CD in years!! and believe me, i did buy crappy CDR media too!!!

can anyone please give me some light on this issue??? its driving me crazy!! sometimes i’m having to burn the same DVD movie THREE times to finally get a media with no errors on verify, scan or transfer rate test!!!

My other posts so you can follow my desperation:

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It’s most likely the media problem and I’ve responded in your original thread.

but i have tried all different medias avaliable here at my city!!

i’ve had READ ERRORs in every single one of them, some more than others. Even the LG media, which was the best so far, never had a problem, started to give me errors now!!

Then clean the lense/drive and pray.

but my LG 4163 is three months old!!! Can it be a dust problem??

the room were my computer sits is, indeed, very dirt. I already lost a cooler because of dirt, even though i assembled this computer just 3 months ago.

is it possible that dust, and not bad media or faulty DVD drive be the problem???