How do I know if me new NEC 2500 is working perfect?

I just got a NEC 2500 and I have another DVD (Hitachi Gd 5000 s a DVD reader).
I did a copy a DVD whit a Memorex dvd-rw and it work perfect , but I would like to know how do I recognize that me nec is working perfect ?
What can of test I should do so I will know that me NEC is burning like the review in the main page?
Thank for your time

Welcome to the forum!
Keep burning and testing different disc formats +R/-R/+RW/-RW and various mediatypes. Test playback in your DVD-ROM and standalone players. :iagree:
If you run into any problems, let us know.

My Sony just wasn’t giving me any kind of quality burns…I hope the NEC does. From what I have reak here it looks like I made a good choice…

PS I’m a newbit too…