How do i know i am being monitored?

i use a certain computer at work.
my peers dont know for sure, but they think that there is monitoring software installed on it that takes screenshots, history folder, ims etc.
i looked for it and i couldnt find it so i assume it is either hidden or not there.

if it is hidden, how do i look for it?
how do i know what it does?

thanks in advance

if you dont have permission to run anything, well, you dont get to know.

however, the easiest way to find things is to ctrl-alt-del, and google the tasks in your task manager. this will find something running on your computer.

the easiest way to find out is to be friends with someone in the IT department, and buy him/her a few drinks. dinner too.

  1. i have priveleges.
  2. done control alt delete and nothing unusual.
    i have seen programs that run and not in task manager. they hide well.
  3. there is no IT people to ask.

i need to know how do i find out if there are programs on this computer that hide and not show up in task manager.

thats the real issue.

to hide, they would probably be running at startup in the background

have you checked the registry keys for startup ?

I think that ‘services’ can run without showing up in task manager as well. You would have to check the ‘running services’ to see what’s up. Also, what if the spy software you are curious about is actually running on another PC on the network? It could be set to check the ‘log’ files on your PC every 5 minutes etc…

i checked the startup and nothing unusual is there.

so how do i find out about running services that are hidden?

also, how do i find out if it checks from another computer? i dont think it does bc it uses dialup (unless it uploads when u connect). i am not allowed to install anything on the computer so any manual help is really needed.

any advice?

Try these tools, at your own risk.

get hijackthis click here start windows in safe mode (restart and press f8 until youll see a menu then select “safe mode”) run hijackthis and click “do a system scan and save a logfile” and attach it or copy & paste and ill check it out , also scan with f-secure blacklight (in regular mode of course) click here

romant, are you worried about normal spyware and adware or are concerned that your employer or manager is watching what you do?

Checking for running services varies between different OSs. What operating system are you using?

i am concerned that the manager is watching what i am doing.
i wasnt notified of anything but there are rumors.

i m using win xp

To see the running services, just go to services in the “administrative tools” folder.

That said, there are two ways to monitor:

  1. A program on your PC. These can be hidden to look like innocuous programs in much the same way spyware is. A good spyware scanner will usually ferret them out though.

  2. Remotely. If this is the case, it can be done a dozen different ways, and can be terribly hard to block if you don’t have permission to change the network settings in your workplace. :slight_smile:

these statements are contradictory - however, your userprofile (and/or that PC) “may” only have ‘certain’ restrictions. I assume xp “PRO” - and AD…yes ? if so GPO, and OU’s may be instituted to log your activities - and there’s not much you can do about it.

phil_'s advice is the only thing that i can see that can come close - yet not 100%, as why i describe above.

the best way actually - is to “ask” the employer – iirc - they must tell you, if asked - b/c they have the ‘right’ to monitor activities

checking the startup in the REGISTRY is the only way to begin to know. startup folders dont work.

if you dont have permission to install things, you cannot check and see. the only chance you have is probably to get either a bartpe cd or some other live cd and check the settings from there. if i was your windows admin, you’d have no idea and no way to find out what was running on your computer, if you did not start it yourself.

Of course your being monitored. An Administrator that doesnt is not doing his job. But dont get paranoid and by a rumor there is a Big bro Process running specifically on your machine - thats just BullSh@t. Even if you could find a process running that even looked slightly suspicious no-one other than an Administrator generally (not always) can Kill a Process. Try it but I’m 99% sure it will deny access to the OK’ing the termination. Admins dont do it to be scrooges, they do it to keep the network clean and make sure any legal issues cant bite the department/company in the arse.

We use Dameware Utilities here. Monitoring is easy and stealth. Users dont have access to Reg, Run, CMD or DOS even if they’re Power Users or Account Operators. They have no way of knowing. Simple Fact - We have 2500 Users can we monitor them all? No. But if you try to avert monitoring or perform any action contrary to group policy - it gets flagged and our little friend the event log tells all. What I’m saying is: it pays to keep your nose clean on a network and not create ripples as they are always detected. If your doing something contrary to your Company Policy I would advise you to immediately stop.

For good reason. Just remember its not your machine and its not your network.

If he can view Admin tools he must be an Admin = Nothing to worry about, Admins can cover they’re Arses :slight_smile:

Backyard Networking.


I downloaded thi s from that website that guy posted. I think it was spyware i ran the .exe and it did nothing visible :frowning: . Anyway I want to know if im being monitored I found nothing special in msconfig and I do spyware checks and don’t find anything. Can my screen be monitored by ways other then a key logger or screen recorder by a router. See my parent connected us by lan also so can he see what I’m doing just by being connected by lan to him with the router we used for our internet service. He can send me stuff it ends up in the shared folder but ca-n he hide like a key logger in the lan so I can’t find it or anything? I’m just curious what you guys would do to absoluetly make sure you weren’t being monitored by the computer connected to you by lan . Besides destroying it :stuck_out_tongue: . -Thanks.

Well if you don’t wnat your parents finding out, don’t do it. Your parents pay for the line and your PC and have every right to monitor what is going on, as they can be held liable for your behaviour.

I agree with JayC30. If you are worried about being monitored by your parents, then you obviously need to be monitored by your parents. You should be thankful that you are fortunate enough to have internet access to begin with.

The more you prove that you can be trusted, the more trust you will be given. :iagree:

there’s a difference between parents that want tomonitor you to make sure you’re safe and parents that are just nosy.

if my parents knew anything about computers, they’d be monitoring as well. luckily they have no idea about computers. I had the types of parents that would eavesdrop on phone conversations or do through my stuff when I was a kid…and I was always a straight A student and never in any trouble of any kind…definitely NOT doing things that required monitoring (aka snooping)

unfortunately i don’t ahve any input to find out if you’re being monitored, and depending on how old you are you may actually require monitoring online, but a note to others in this thread: some parents are just nosy. I’m 21 and my parents would to this deay read an IM conversation on my screen or try to go through my stuff if I didnd’t leave my computer password protected and my bedroom locked all the time.

Either way it does not matter as it is a matter of symantics. I could turn round and say I am doing it to protect my child, if I had any, and they could turn round and say I was being nosey.

They are paying for the connection, and most probably the phone line too. If s/he is doing something he doesn’t want their parents to see then they shouldn’t be doing it. I was raised with a major golden rule, if I would be ashamed of anyone seeing/finding out about it I shouldn’t have/be doing it.

While living in a parents house you live by their rules, if you don’t like it…

reason, who pays the ISP and phone lline bill? After all it’s the name on the account that gets into trouble regardless of how old you are.

my parents pay the phone bill for the house too. does that mean they get to eavesdrop if I have a telephone conversation with a friend?

i’m not takling about some kid that doesn’t want his parents to know he’s looking at porn or something, I’m talking about reading IM conversations, reading email, etc, etc…

this kid’s parents could be 100% legitimate in wanting to be sure that their kid isn’t getting into trouble or doing illegal things on the internet, but if they’re like my parents who WILL go through my drawers and closet if I don’t lock my door when I leave the house then there’s something wrong with that.