How do I Join 2 xvid formats please?

I have downloaded CD 1 & CD 2 of a video in “xvid” format. How do I join both 1 & 2 of this xvid format so I can convert to a DVD format? Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Many thanks & God Bless.

VirtualDub will work fine if the audio streams are identical. Guides are available on Just remember to set video to direct stream copy.

You’ll need nandub if the avi has vbr mp3 audio, vd cant handle vbr mp3 audio properly. VD procedures guide

[B]Quick AVI/Mpeg Joiner[/B] > is what I used to merge two 700mb files into 1 seamless AVI file.
Then I used a program named [B]3GP_Converter [/B] > to change the file from AVI over to MP4 for My iPod,when done with the two 700MB AVI files(1.4G) I had a very Clean 287MB MP4.

You probably don’t need the iPod converting tool but it workd pretty darn good for coverting files for handheld device’s like Cell Phones,PSP, iPod that I thought I would pass it on.
However the other tool [B]Quick AVI/Mpeg Joiner [/B] was very easy for Me to use & it allegedly don’t care if the formats of the video or the sounds match, atleast thats what the walkthru says.
Good Luck & I hope you have as much success with the tool as this Newb did :cool: