How do I insert a picture?

Hi, I am fairly new to the cd freaks forums. I would like to ask a silly question which has got me stumped!

When you start a new thread how do insert a picture. I click on the insert picture icon and I get a box come up called ‘explorer user prompt’ the text below ‘enter text to be formatted’ and just below is ‘[img]xxx[\img]’ and in the box to enter the text is ‘http://’ ??

Please can some one explain how to insert a png image of a kprobe scan into the text box?

Many thanks from a confused newbie. :frowning:

click the go advanced button > manage attachments.

Or be sure to save the picture online at a webserver. In the popup you mentioned, you can then enter the direct link to that picture.

(more detailed explanations can be found in previous threads on this subjects)

Many thanks to you both for replying so promptly.