How do I increase # simultaneous downloads for IE?

Can anyone tell me how I can download more files at once from a website? Right now, I think I’m limited to two downloads at a time by WindowsXP or IE.

try XP-AntiSpy
you find the setting under “Internet Explorer”
it can set the max connections (d-loads) up to 10

There’s a point with that limitation though…
If you want loads of stuff have a look at a download manager such as plain wget or wackget.

use Get-Right, perfect tool for such…

Got it. Thanks dude.

Wasn’t thier something in the cdfreaks news a while back about trusty files (or one of the other p2p programs) that had a link to a patch for this limit?
Found it. Thier is a link at the end of this article. I havent tried it to see if it works still.