How do I increase my Cd-R burn speed

I have a DRW-1608 Asus Drive, It burns at a max of 20x, and is capable of burning at 40x. I use Nero and disabled Buffer Under Run, but it still burned at 20x. I tried Roxio and it burned at 20x. How do I increase the speed of burning.

The drive must simply be limiting the speed of the particular discs you’re using. Try some discs by a different manufacturer (preferably some made by Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim).

i dont think this is related to the pioneer dvd burner forum , anyway disabling buffer underrun protection isnt wise it isnt related to the burning speed also its best to put it on as it prevents coasters it keeps the buffer stable,you got it connected with a 80wire ide cable (the one that came with it)? its an ata66 drive and 40wire limits to ata33 but i somewhat doubt that will limit to 20x on cdr,see this dma guide
if your hard drives are on udma 5/6 and the asus on 4 then its likely a media incompatability problem use another brand

I used Sony and some other media, both maxing out at 20x, how to I check whick IDE cable I have installed, I ordered OEM so it didn’t come with one.
I don’t understand what UDMA 5/6 means. I already have DMA enabled.
So, what should I do now?

see this article

basicly there are 2 ways:
a) the current transfer mode
b) looking at the cable

whats the current transfer mode on your burner? if udma2 the cable is 40 wires if 4 then 80 wires

all round ide cables are 80 wires now for flat
a 40 wires ide cable have all black connectors like this

a 80 wires ide have blue/grey/black connectors like this

Nice post! Remeber=master/80 wire/umda 4/5/6/ dma if available (no Pio mode/bad) in device manager for your IDE/Digital audio in device manager for your drives/Bios set correctly(auto)