How do i have to read the kprobe results?

how do i have to read the kprobe results?

what results are good? what are bad results?


In general you should look at the avg PI and PO error counts. If you look at the scan below, you’ll see that this media has

PI avg = 4.916
PO avg = 0.321

Now PI avg should be below 280 according to the standard and PO should be below 32 (AFAIK)

Actually PI is the same as C1 errors while PO equals C2 errors.

A few high peaks are normally not to worry about.

The PI Max and PO Max values are not really usefull - except for comparison with other media.

Check this forum for results produced with other drives. Then you’ll see if the 1004IM write strategy for a given media is OK or need to be optimized.

You can find more info on how to read the scans here

Anybody still burning coasters with Princo - but wont listen to common sense (the media stinks!) - check out these scans. Maybe it will help you understand



what’s this with the V0046 Firmware which is shown in the graph?

Regards, Martin A

Don’t worry about it - I was not allowed to upload my scan with 0047 since it was uploaded in another thread. The 0046 seen here is actually a “modded” 0045. You can do alot of stuff with UltraEdit :slight_smile: