How do i greate cells on dvd movie

hi guys

i am trying to use imgburn and get this message

“unable to find any cells that could be used for a layer break”

am i doing something wrong or how do i create cells.

what i have done

avi >svcd2dvd > imageburn

any help would be gratefull


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Are you trying to burn to a double-layer disc? Basically the message means that ImgBurn cannot find a suitable place to get an uninterrupted movie, and the film may pause when the drive changes layer.

The layer break will have been lost when the original DVD was converted into the XviD/DivX or whatever the .avi was.

yes i am trying to burn dual layer. can this problem be solved also imgburn ased if i wanted to continue to create an image i have said yes. will this image burn ok or be watchable.

i have tried burning with nero but both discs bombed out at 99%


Yes, I’m sure ImgBurn will create a layer break and burn the image. How well it works on playback is unknown though.

thanks for your advice, are there any turtorials for dual layer authoring and burning.

With PgcEdit you can set the layer break where you want it. :wink:
This post might also be of interest.

Do a search on Imgburn forums. You’ll find many posts having the same problem as you. Basically, you need to break the big cell into smaller cells so Imgburn can find a suitable cell for layer break insertion. Easiest is to use VobBlanker to split the cells into smaller segments. GUIDE

btw, svcdtodvd have an option to auto-create chapters after how many seconds. This way you’ll probably not get the Imgburn error. Did you enable this option?