How Do I Go From 22 .rar files to 1 ISO?

I’m not sure if this belongs in the Newbie forum, but I feel like a bit of an idiot asking so I figured here was where I’d put it. Sorry if it should be elsewhere.

Okay, first I will explain how the files started off when I began:
I have two folders on my HD. both have 11 .rar files in them. Inside they all have pieces of what I thought to be two .iso images.

Now what I have done with them and the problem:
I have extracted them, so now I have two .iso images in two folders. They are similarily named, but not identical.
The problem is that whenever I try to open the ISO files either through something like Simple File Joiner, MagicISO, or a dvd emulator like Virtual Daemon it says that it is unable to mount the file, or it gives another error about the image not being there, or readable. I’m hoping this means that it’s just corrupt because it’s been split. So how do I recombine the two iso’s? Is there a special way of unpacking the .rar files so that this isn’t happening and/or they just recombine themselves in a neat and tidy little package?

I’m running windows XP media centre, with 90 Gb of hard drive space to fool around with, and have just about every program I’ve seen mentioned on the forums, or I can buy/get it if needed. I just can’t quite figure this one out. Thanks in advance for any help. Sorry if I didn’t provide enough information, I’m not quite sure how to clearly word what’s going on with this.

The ISOs are probably not meant to be joined, whatever it is is supposed to be two discs.

If you downloaded these rar segments probably one of these segments was corrupt, so ISO file is unreadable.

if they are in fact supposed to be one iso they should all be in the same folder when you extract it.

although i don’t think winrar allows you to come up with a finishe dproduct if all the files necessary aren’t present.

are the files in the separate folders named differently? like are the extension numbers 00-10 and then 11-21 or is it just 00-10 and 00-10 again?

if you think they’re still supposed to be one iso try putting them all in the same folder then opening the one with the extension .r00 although i doubt this will do anything to help.

it’s more likely that something was corrupt.

No, they are named differently. I guess I just hoped they were supposed to be together since both ISO’s were titled “pieces” of the main thing. but if it’s corrupt…well I guess I have to try again somehow else. Thanks.

Winrar can test the rar files for any corruptions using the TEST option.

If the images are non-PC , like Xbox, then you won’t be able to open them or mount them.

And as a special december bonus discount moderators could close the thread and ban you from the forum. :slight_smile:

Was that to me or LycanthroGalen?

If it’s to me then I think your post was totally uncalled for.

If the rar’s were corrupt, they wouldn’t extract anything, so I’m doubtful that’s the problem.

I’m not too worried about it. This is what I get for not making my own backups of my files. And it wasn’t an X-box ISO I do understand that they have a different format than PCs (even if I don’t have an X-box), though I’m still confused about who’s getting banned.

It’s probably just the ISO’s themselves that didn’t copy right in the first place. Or…bah, I have no idea. All I can figure is that the corruption is on the actual ISO level, not the .rar level. If I knew how to get my fingers into the pie so to speak I’d take a look at the coding and see if there was something obviously wrong, but iso’s are still relatively new to me so I’m at a loss.

They’d usually not extract if the rars are bad (unless you have selected “keep broken files”) Why don’t you burn it and see what happens - if they don’t work with D-Tools it’s probably rubbish anyway - Download again… Or there’s something we don’t know? :wink:

hes obviously downloaded the game, all DLed games come with r00 and so on.
buy the game and i doubt youd have a problem

(my cousin downloads alot ;))

They’re not a game. I am studying abroad this year and was trying to get my mate to ftp me a copy of one of my old film projects so I could show it to a prof but now the guy hasn’t been online since I got my corrupt files and phone calls overseas are more expensive than this is worth, especially at the end of a semester. I just wanted to try and fix it.

I guess I’ll give burning them a try, and if that doesn’t work then I’m SOL I guess. 'cause PAL and NTSC doesn’t matter to a computer as long as you have a dvd drive with the right reginal encoding. Not that that should have any affect on the iso’s themselves reading…

phone calls overseas are more expensive than this is worth

If your both on broadband try a voip (voice over ip) program like Skype. If you only use the internet version (no landline calling) it’s free.

Try to play the iso directly in vlc player (plays about anything) or rename the files to .mpg and play in media player :slight_smile: